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.32 H&R Rosewood Gunfighter Grips Checkered [GF44BV]  $89.95 
View All: .32 H&R Gunfighter Grips Baby Va
.32 H&R Rosewood Gunfighter Grips Checkered
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.32 H&R Rosewood Gunfighter Grips Checkered .32 H&R Rosewood Gunfighter Grips Checkered  
 Product Price: $89.95 
 Product Model:GF44BV

.32 H&R Rosewood Gunfighter Grips CheckeredGunfighter Grips:
Firmly Anchors your Sixgun in your Hand.
Puts Greater Comfort and Control in your Gunhand.
Reduces "Rollback" Recoil - Makes your Repeat Shots that much Faster.
Expertly Fashioned of Rosewood, Buffalo Horn, Ebony, Ultra Imitation Ivory, Ultra Immitation Pearl, & Aged Ivory Polymer. - Beautifies any Sixgun.
The Grip for Competitors and Gamesmen alike.
Available for Ruger Vaqueros and Blackhawks.

If Wyatt had this Grip, NONE of the Clantons would've survived the O.K. Corral!

This is the grip that the Cowboy Action Folks are talking about! It's slimmer profile offers control, pointability, and faster consecutive shots. It's WORLD CHAMPION approved in CASS and CMSA. Once you try this amazing grip revelation, you will never go back to anything else!

The Gunfighter Grip has taken the Cowboy Action World by storm! Designed for folks who enjoy shooting sixguns, epecially in competition.

These thin slim profile grips with their unique shape, are designed to help you stay on target and maintain superior control. While keeping the look of the old west intact and firmly anchoring that sixgun in your hand. Our Gunfighter Grips have been proven in fierce SASS, CASS, and CMSA competitions. Available for many popular single actions.

Most Ruger frames are consistent unless the frame has been modified, therefore, your Eagle Grips should fit directly from the package to your firearm. Some may require moderate adjustments.

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