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American Handgunner Magazine- Like Lipstick on a Pretty Girl!!! by Roy Huntington

American Handgunner


By. Roy Huntington

This is a shameless endorsement of a high-quality product.  I’ll say that and get it over with.  I admit it freely.  But, what it’s not is a regurgitation of some catalog copy, and there’s a very, very big difference there.  It’s based upon first-hand knowledge from a wide cross section of fellows at Handgunner.  Raj Singh, owner, operator, phone answer, trash dumper and general “make-it-happen-guy” at Eagle is a sterling gent and an old friend to all of us.  And that “old friend” part is for some good reasons.  Let me explain.

We have some loose rules here at Handgunner.  If a maker’s product is high quality, that’s one check box completed.  If they deliver on time, box two gets marked.  If there’s good follow-up and customer service, box three gets some attention.  But then the “Are they nice, honest people box” – the most important one – has to get checked or everything grinds to an abrupt halt.  Not surprisingly.  Raj got all the boxes checked easily, with two checks in that last one.

What’s that all mean for you?  First off, Eagle Grips delivers what they promise and if you’re not happy, they’ll make it right.  Simple.  Raj also makes some pretty nice grips and doesn’t just rest on his laurels but continues to design, innovate and keep the ball rolling toward new and interesting ideas.

Grips are like mag wheels on a car.  Even a simple set of wheels can make a hum-drum family sedan suddenly look just a bit sexy.  Put them on a hot rod or fancy car and you can get a new level of wow-factor.  And nice aftermarket grips accomplish the same thing.  Gun people (and especially handgunners) like uniqueness when they can afford it.  Eagle Grips can turn your factory-hum-drum S&W Model 10 into, well, something other than that.

It’s like when you turn a page in a magazine and you stop because something caught your eye.  You’re not sure why that photo of the pretty lady is so nice, and then you realize – the color of her lipstick is “just right.”  And, not surprisingly, a simple set of American Elk grips on your grandpa’s old Official Police can suddenly add just the right amount of magic.  They too can be “just right” and your old, blue-worn companion is able to command renewed attention.  Besides, I’ll bet grandpa would smile and say thanks, if he could. 

There’s function too.  Eagle’s “Secret Service” grips and Checkered Gunfighter grips (for single actions) turn pretty into practical.  From “Ultra-Ivory” (a dead-nuts look-alike for real ivory), to pearl, to “Heritage” S&W grips, ebony, buffalo horn and more, Eagle can help you to affordably customize your favorite one-handed shooter.  And don’t just get all practical on us with this.  Reach just a bit farther than you originally thought about – and remember grandpa’s smile.

For more info:  Eagle Grips, (800) 323-6144, www.eaglegrips.com

This article was published on Sunday 14 December, 2008.
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